Cancellations & Returns

How can I cancel an online order?

An online order can be canceled without penalty prior to the shipping phase. Please contact us immediately with your order number and your personal information ready if you wish to cancel your order.

How can I return purchased product?

You have three (3) business days to return most products, provided the products are being presented returned in their original packaging, the purchaser did not abuse/damage the item(s), and the original receipt is presented. Shipping fees may still apply. Please understand that with some goods such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines a restocking fee may also apply.

What happens when I return goods?

If you submitted the original receipt as well as return the goods in their original packaging and condition, we will allow you to exchange/replace any product(s) for the same amount. If the goods you replace rise above the amount, we will allow you to pay the difference.

What if something is wrong with an online order?

Please contact us immediately if you discover any mistake or missing items in an online order. Our delivery personnel are well trained and will report any discovered damage or deficiencies immediately. We always urge you to double check the goods in order to minimize any discomfort.