In this frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, you will find general questions and answers. If your question is not listed here, you can contact us by emailing [email protected] or fill out our contact form.



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How can I find out more about Kirpalani's N.V.?

Interested in our history? Click here! 

How can Kirpalani’s N.V. offer such low prices?

Our experience in the retail and textile industry over 80 years, our great knowledge of high quality and affordable products, our highly efficient distribution system, our efficient buying policy, make it possible to offer the products at the best price in combination with good quality.

What are your opening days and hours?

Our opening days and hours are:

Monday - Saturday: 08:00-20:00 hrs.
Sunday: 12:00-20:00 hrs.

Click here for additional time and location information.

Are your stores open on public holidays?

On Sundays and public holidays, we are open from 12:00 to 20:00 hrs. 
We are closed on New Year's Day, January 1st. Additionally, our website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for convenient and continued shopping at any time or place!

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Where is the Kirpalani Parts and Service Center (KPSC) and what are the opening times?

Our service center is located at Koningstraat 14 A. You can also call 471 400 ext. 336 or 334 or email us at [email protected]

Our opening days and hours are:

Monday-Thursday: 08:00 - 16:00 hrs.
Friday: 08:00 - 17:30 hrs.
Saturday: 08:00 - 14:00 hrs.
Sundays and holidays Closed

If I purchased a product somewhere else, can I have it repaired at Kirpalani Parts & Service Center (KPSC)?

Unfortunately, the products that you purchased elsewhere cannot be repaired at our service center. For future support, please remember to buy directly from us! We look forward to serving you with our reputable support and care.

What does Kirpalani’s N.V. website offer?

Our website offers many convenient shopping features, including:  

  • Chat directly with us in real time from 08:00 – 20:00 (Suriname time). If you contact us after hours, we will get back to you first thing in the morning;
  • Search for products from the vast assortment of products we offer. For your convenience, each product has a unique article number, description, pictures, reviews, pricing, and stock availability by location;
  • Create and share wish lists;
  • Create a personal account to easily and quickly save your details;
  • Learn more about each of our unique services with full details and pricing information: KirpalaniKomKirpalani Express, Kirpalani Parts and Service, and delivery options;
  • Check your gift card balance;
  • Sort option: we make searching even easier by helping you narrow down your options by name, price, and position; 
  • Connect with us or invite family and friends through social media;
  • We also invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media channels so that you can be the first to hear about our latest news, discounts, and offers;
  • Remember, we are constantly updating and improving our website, so visit us again soon!

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Watch the below video for the various features on https://www.kirpalani.com

https://www.kirpalani.com has various features like:

  • Search function
  • Products with their details
  • Filter option on name, price, position
  • Wishlist
  • Account information
  • Check card balance
  • Kirpalani services
  • Live Chat

How do I shop on https://www.kirpalani.com?

It’s easy! We can give a personal tour of our website in the store at customer service or follow the steps below:

  • First, create an account
  • Search for any product you would like to purchase;
  • Click on the exact product you prefer;
  • Review the description and check out all of the photos;
  • When you are sure you have selected the correct product for yourself, simply click “Add to Cart” and proceed to checkout;
  • Fill in the billing information;
  • Fill in the shipping method & gift options (optional);
  • Select a payment option and continue;
  • Review and confirm your order is correct. Select “Continue to place order”;
  • When you receive an order confirmation message, then you have successfully completed your order. You will also receive an email with the order confirmation and invoice. Please check your SPAM folder or contact us if you do not receive this email. 

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What is a wish list?

A wish list is a great tool to digitally note all those products that you would eventually like to own, but are not yet ready to buy right away. It is a place where you can “save” your favorite products, while you continue browsing so that you do not forget about them. The wish list is saved to your personal profile and you can always go back to refer to it. When you are ready to purchase the product, you simply move the product from your wish list to your shopping cart!
Please note that when a product is in your wish list, it is NOT reserved for you, so we encourage you to make the purchase as soon as possible so that you do not miss out on your favorite products.

How do I create my wish list?

Create your new wish list by following the below steps:

  • If not already logged in, click on the heart icon “Wish List” on the home page on the right-hand side;
  • Login if you already have an account or create a new account;
  • If already logged in on the website, click on “Wish List” on the left-hand side;
  • You can start creating your wish list by clicking on the button “Create List”;
  • Some of the fields are required, so make sure you enter the right and correct information;
  • Once you’ve filled in the details click on the button save list; 
  • After saving the list, your wish list is successfully created. 

How does the wish list option work?

Wish lists can be private, personal or shared with others.
Sharing is great for everyday and special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, etc.  Friends and family can purchase items on your behalf from shared wishlists!  In a way, this can act like a gift registry.  You can share products through wish lists with friends and family, by clicking on “Share list” icon. Whether they are registered members of Kirpalani or not, they can reserve products for purchase. Once a product has been moved from your wish list to your shopping cart by clicking “Add to Cart” and the payment process has been completed, then only will the product be ready for pick up or delivery based on your selection.

Is my wish list also my order?

No, your wish list is not your order. Your wish list is only an order if you click on "Add to Cart" and complete the checkout process that includes identifying a form of payment.

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Why should I create a user account at Kirpalani’s N.V.?

Convenience, easy ordering, and personalization! Before placing an order, you need to create a user account.  When you log in to your user account, your personal details are saved so you don't have to enter them over and over again when placing a new order. You also have access to your information, where you can get a full overview of your account, pending orders; order history, payment, and delivery details. You also have access to your personal wish list, where you can add products that you wish to buy or research later!

How can I create my account on https://www.kirpalani.com?

Before you place an online order, you must first create a user account. You can easily create your own Kirpalani user account by clicking here, start the process by first creating your own email address and password. Please make sure that your password is complex and has at least 6 characters.  Please remember to note down your password someplace safe for yourself, because you will need it each time to log into your account. Once the account is created, you are registered in our database. After confirming your account, you have access to user specific details such as pending orders, past orders, payment and delivery details.

I forgot my password can you help me?

If you forget your password, just click the “Forgot password” link and we will send you an email with information on how to reset your password. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

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Web order

How do I place an order on https://www.kirpalani.com?

As you are browsing our website, you can place the products you want to buy in your shopping cart by clicking “Add to Cart” Once you have made your selections, you will need to create your account before you can complete your purchase.

If I place an order, will the products immediately be reserved for me?

Please understand, we do our best to fulfill your order. In rare circumstances, stock availability or prices are subject to change.  In this event, we will contact you directly and do our best to complete the order to your satisfaction.

Can I reserve (set aside) a product or products for a few days?

You can add any item to your wish list, but it will not be reserved. In order to reserve an item, we advise you to make a payment and complete the checkout process. Due to the popularity and high demand for our products, we cannot guarantee any product will be reserved.

Can I see the inventory of a product by location on the website?

When you view a product, you can see the most up to date inventory at the bottom of the webpage in the “Additional Information” section. This will show you a preview inventory at each location. Any stock changes should be updated and reflected correctly on our website. However, if you feel like you see any discrepancies, please feel free to contact us to double check.


Are there any price differences between the stores and the website?

The prices on our website are the same as we offer in our stores. Any price changes in the store should be updated and reflected correctly on our website. However, if you feel like you see any discrepancies, please feel free to contact us to double check.

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How can I pay for my products?

For your convenience, we offer many payment options on our website:

  • Kirpalani Cards (Credit, Gift, Customer cards);
  • Local bank wire transfer;
  • International Credit Cards (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.);
  • PayPal;
  • Cash payments in the store.

Click here for payment options.

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What are your assembly costs when setting up furniture?

Our furniture has been specially designed for easy assembly. If you do not have the time or desire to do it yourself, we can set it up for you for a small fee. 

Below you will find an overview of the assembly costs.

Overview assembly costs
Product description Price
Arm/ Bar/ Dining/ Visitor/ Recliner chair SRD 50,=
Bar cabinet SRD 100,=
Bed SRD 100,=
Bedroom set SRD 200,=
Bench SRD 75,=
Bookcase SRD 100,=
Bookshelf SRD 75,=
Chest drawer SRD 100,=
Coffee/ Center/ Side table SRD 75,=
Desk SRD 100,=
Dining set with 4 chairs SRD 100,=
Dining set with 6 chairs SRD 125,=
Dining set with 8 chairs SRD 150,=
Dining set with 10 chairs SRD 175,=
Dressing table SRD 100,=
Kitchen cabinet (depending on the size) SRD 100,= - SRD 250,=
Multi-purpose cabinet SRD 100,=
Nightstand SRD 75,=
Office cabinet SRD 75,=
Office chair SRD 75,=
Shoe cabinet SRD 100,=
Sofa SRD 75,=
Trampoline SRD 100,=
TV cabinet/ table SRD 100,=
TV frame SRD 75,=
Wardrobe (depending on the size) SRD 100,= - SRD 350,=


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Does Kirpalani’s N.V. offer delivery of products ordered online?

Goods ordered online, once confirmed and paid, can be delivered to most addresses. Delivery costs will be charged. It is also possible to pick up orders at our store.

What are the delivery days and times?

Online deliveries take place Monday through Friday between 08:00 and 16:30, and on Saturday between 08:00 and 14:00.

What are your delivery charges?

Delivery costs depend on the address where your products are being delivered.

Below is an overview of the costs per area.


Prices are updated regularly and are subject to change.

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How to make the appointment for delivery of purchased products?

When an order is received by Kirpalani's N.V., we. will contact you for an appointment for delivery of the purchased products. Click here for our contact information.

What happens if I am not home when the products are delivered?

For us to successfully deliver your order to the correct address, you or a family member must be present to accept the products. Delivery can only be completed when you or a family member provides:

  • Proof of Purchase – the receipt (physical or digital)
  • A Valid ID

We will have to return the products to the store if:

  • No one is home to accept the order
  • Proof of purchase cannot be provided or is missing
  • A valid ID is not provided

If this happens, we will reschedule your delivery for another date and time for an ADDITIONAL charge. Otherwise, you can choose to pick up the order yourself at one of our stores.

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Do you offer delivery in the interior and outside of Suriname?

Unfortunately, currently we do not offer delivery to the interior or outside of Suriname.

Is there a warranty on purchased products?

All major household products have a warranty. The warranty depends on the type of product you purchase.
Click here for more information.

What should I do if my product is damaged upon delivery?

Please inspect your order carefully and thoroughly as soon as it is delivered to you. If you receive a damaged or imperfect product, you can either choose to keep it if you wish, you can request a replacement product, or you can have it repaired at our Kirpalani Parts and Service Center (KPSC).

If you have any problems with the quality of your order, please notify our customer service department immediately at 471400 ext. 203 or email us at [email protected] If you contact us via email, please remember to include your phone number so that one of our sales representatives can call you.

What is your Return Policy?

While we hope you are completely satisfied with your order, if you decide to return a product, you must do so within THREE (3) business days. The product MUST be returned in its original packaging and you will need to present the original receipt for the return. We may also charge you a freight cost if it applies to your order. 
Please note we will NOT accept products that have been damaged due to customer mis-handling or improper use.

Click here for our latest policy.

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