Gift Card

What are Kirpalani gift cards?

Kirpalani gift cards help you reduce the clutter in your wallet or find the perfect present for anyone!  Simply, they are plastic cards that hold a pre-purchased, stored amount of value.  You can use these cards for future purchases of any item in Kirpalani’s diverse selection of products. The gift cards can be applied for in any desired amount. 

How do you use Kirpalani gift cards?

Each gift card has its value printed on the card. Additionally, each gift card comes with a barcode. Simply present the card at Kirpalani’s checkout online or within the store and indicate the amount that you wish to use.

Does my value expire?

The expiration of the card is based on the amount remaining on your card. Which means, our customers don’t have to use their gift card all at once. Kirpalani will mark unclaimed credit for expiration after three (3) years if the card is inactive (e.g. remaining balance does not change).  In the event of a balance change, the remaining credit will be extended/renewed for another three (3) years.  This will repeat until the card credit balance depletes or expires.  

Where can I buy kirpalani gift cards?

You may purchase Kirpalani gift cards at our cash registers in our stores.

How can I check the remaining value on a gift card ?

With each sale at Kirpalani, customers will receive a receipt with their current gift card balance.  Furthermore, you can link your Kirpalani gift card online to view your remaining balance.

Privacy, Security, Terms and Conditions

Your Kirpalani gift card can be freely transferred or gifted to others.  It is not meant for resale. If you lose your Kirpalani gift card you can only request a new card if your ID was on file and you present your ID to the customer service department. Kirpalani has the right and will attempt to freeze or block cards that appear to be abused or show fraudulent activity. Lastly, each Kirpalani gift card has a barcode that can be easily scanned at each point of sale.

Kirpalani Gift Card

You can learn more about the Kirpalani Gift Card by easily filling in the form below. A service representative will contact soon!

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