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And the delivery is from May 10, 2021, COMPLETELY FREE for every purchase of SRD 1000 and more!
The condition for placing your order online:

  • Delivery is free within Paramaribo
  • Minimum order purchase of SRD 1000


There will be a small rate charged for deliveries below purchase of SRD 1000,- within Paramaribo and regions outside of Paramaribo.
Delivery costs depend on the address where your products are being delivered. Below is an overview of the costs per area.

Below you will find the rates: 


Region/Residential area Amount
Paramaribo - Beekhuizen SRD 262.50
Paramaribo - Blauwgrond SRD 262.50
Paramaribo - Centrum SRD 262.50
Paramaribo - Flora SRD 262.50
Paramaribo - Livorno SRD 262.50
Paramaribo - Munder SRD 262.50
Paramaribo - Pontbuiten SRD 262.50
Paramaribo - Rainville SRD 262.50
Paramaribo - Tammenga SRD 262.50
Paramaribo - Welgelegen SRD 262.50
Paramaribo - Weg Naar Zee SRD 262.50
Wanica - Kwatta (3e rijweg t/m 5e rijweg) SRD 367.50
Wanica - Saramaccapolder SRD 367.50
Wanica - Koewarasan SRD 367.50
Wanica - De Nieuwe Grond (Vanaf Fredrikshoopweg) SRD 367.50
Wanica - Houttuin SRD 367.50
Wanica - Lelydorp SRD 446.25
Wanica - Domburg SRD 446.25
Saramacca - Jarikaba SRD 446.25
Saramacca - Groningen SRD 472.50
Saramacca - Wayamboweg (5e rijweg tot Saramaccabrug) SRD 551.25
Saramacca - Wayamboweg (Saramaccabrug tot afslag Calcuttaweg) SRD 630
Saramacca - Tijgerkreek SRD 630
Saramacca - Kampong Baroe SRD 630
Saramacca - Calcutta West SRD 735
Commewijne - Meerzorg tot de rotonde SRD 367.50
Commewijne - Nieuw Amsterdam SRD 446.25
Commewijne - Alkmaar SRD 446.25
Commewijne - Tamanredjo (tot en met Mountaban) SRD 446.25
Commewijne - De Hulp SRD 660
Para - Para Noord (Vanaf palisadeweg t/m Meursweg 10 km) SRD 525
Para - Vanaf Meursweg 10 km, Onverwacht, Republiek SRD 735
Para - Tot Zanderij SRD 735
Para - Vanaf Zanderij + 15 km SRD 1050

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