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Kirpalani Express

Do you want to shop online via third party websites such as or
Kirpalani Express now makes this easy and possible!
Kirpalani Express is a service offered by Kirpalani’s N.V., which focuses on importing the goods that you want from 3rd parties such as or
We introduced this service for our customers who want to purchase rare, custom, or personalized product(s), which we may not carry in our otherwise diverse inventory. We strive to make this service affordable and quick to ship.

Why Kirpalani Express?

  • Attainable: No need for your own credit card.
  • Always the best advice, for example, your package is cheaper by air or sea freight.
  • Payments are in SRD or US$.
  • Down payment starting from 75% of your purchase.
  • We can finance your order: Payment by installments through our various in house financing options or cash.
  • Multiple support options: through our stores, over the phone, or via email.

You can place your order in five ways:

  1. Through our website:
  2. Email: Send the website link(s) of your desired item(s) to [email protected].
    Please remember to include item details such as color or size. Kirpalani Express will respond quickly with a free quotation estimate.
  3. Phone: Call us directly +597 471400 ext. 371 or 597 7696000 and we will assist you with your online search.
  4. Personal assistance: Drop by the Kirpalani Express department at 1 of our 3 locations so that we may help you search and select your item, as well as complete your payment.
  5. WhatsApp: App the website link(s) of your desired item(s) to +597 7696000.
    Please remember to include item details such as color or size. Kirpalani Express will respond quickly with a free quotation estimate.

With all of the options you select, we will happily send you a quotation or additional support.
Once you accept our quotation, you will be required to make a down payment for cash purchases upon ordering. 

Example calculation for order by cash payment or financing:

Purchase amount SRD 580,00
Amount owed for cash payment is SRD 862,87 
If financed via Kirpalani, you pay: SRD 184,37 ( per month) in 6 monthly installments.
(The financing example is calculated based on one of the Kirpalani's N.V. financing plans and is subject to change depending on current terms.)

Terms and Conditions

  • Down payment: Minimum 75% down payment on all purchases.
  • The products will be ordered after agreement and down payment. After this change is no longer possible.
  • Prices are subject to change on the relevant website (s).
  • The total amount does not include customs duties and AWB fee. That can still be charged.
  • The freight costs on the quotation are only an estimate. These are calculated based on the highest weight and may differ from the quotation.
  • Kirpalani's N.V. gives no warranty on the product(s) purchased.
  • Kirpalani’s N.V. is not liable for the condition of second-hand and refurbished products.
  • Once your products have arrived, you will be contacted to collect your package (s) and pay the remaining balance.
  • You must collect the ordered goods within 14 days after notification by Kirpalani's N.V.
  • After 30 days Kirpalani's N.V. reserves the right to resell the unclaimed goods without refund of the deposit.

Kirpalani Express

Domineestraat 52-56, 2nd floor
J.A.Pengelstraat 163 - Koningstraat, 2nd floor
Maagdenstraat 19-27, 2nd floor
Office phone: +597 471400 ext. 371
Mobile: +597 7696000
Email: [email protected]