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On Tuesday May 8, 2018 Finabank N.V. and Kirpalani's N.V., introduced the Finabank Kirpalani Shopping Card.

What is the Finabank Kirpalani Shopping Card?
The Finabank Kirpalani Shopping Card helps you buy your long-desired furniture, redecorate your home, renew your electric appliances, and much more!  Simply, qualified cardholders may instantly purchase large or small items valued up to SRD 50.000,- at Kirpalani’s N.V., and pay as little as 0.5% per month financing cost over time. It is easy, safe, and convenient! The introduction of the Finabank Kirpalani Shopping Card is accompanied by many extras such as free KirpalaniKom packages, exemption of costs, or a Finabank VISA Credit Card. Consumers may apply for the Finabank Kirpalani Shopping Card at any of our Kirpalani’s N.V. locations. On average, the approval process will take about one business day.

Who can qualify for a Finabank Kirpalani Shopping Card?
This financing facility is intended for 2 target groups:

  • Primary Account Holders
    Current and potential Finabank account holders with a salary deposit at Finabank
  • Non- Primary Account Holders
    Non Finabank account holders without a salary deposit at Finabank

To apply for a Finabank Kirpalani Shopping Card, you need to provide the following documents:

  •  A valid identification such as a passport or ID card;
  •  A recent pay slip;
  •  A recent extract from Bureau of Civil Affairs;
  •  A recent employer's statement;
  •  The last 3 bank statements of the account on which the client's salary is paid.

For more detailed information please click here.

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