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Friday, October 16, 2015 was a special day for Kirpalani Ltd. It was the groundbreaking ceremony for the new store to rise at the J.A.PengelStreet with access to the Koningstraat. This is a proof of confidence in the future of this country.

In his speech on this occasion, Mr. Shyam Kirpalani recalled the time more than 79 years ago, when the shop was located in a small wooden building on the corner of the Maagden- and Jodenbreestreet. Since then Kirpalani's NV has developed and has grown to become one of the largest companies in Suriname. Because of the renovation of the building at the Maagdenstreet, part of the store moved to the Johan Adolf Pengelstreet, then still calledWanicastraat. The customers from the south (Paramaribo) were very pleased with this step. The shop at the J.A. Pengelstreet this became very popular.

Four years ago, as a result of the shortage of space, plans  were made for a new building on theJ.A.Pengelstreet / Koningstreet. Despite the uncertain economic situation in the land the building of the Kirpalani Superstore started in October.

After the unveiling of the nameplate by Mr. MukeshDayaldasani, the oldest employees in service could lay the traditional first stone. The architect for this project is KDV, while the construction company RCM is entrusted with the construction work. The store will cover 10 000 square meters and is as big as all Kirpalani shops together. The building extends from the J.A.Pengelstreetto the Koningstreet. On the ground floor there will be a large parking lot and the store will be above. Construction will take approximately two and a half years.

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