Kirpalani Donates SRD 10.000,- Huize Ashiana

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On the occasion of its 80th anniversary, Kirpalani's Ltd. decided to commemorate some social institutions. On Thursday, August 18th, 2016, a check of SRD 10,000,- was handed to Huize Ashiana supporting the Horticulture project. The goal of this project is to enable senior citizens at the elderly home to plant, motivating them to provide for their own needs. On the other hand, this helps to keep the residents fit and to eat healthy. The advantage of this is that the elderly home does not have to invest in purchasing manpower. The senior citizens will plant on a plot of ½ hectares of land that is property of the home. Kirpalani's Ltd. which was founded on August 21, 1936, started in a small wooden building at Maagdenstraat, but in the course of time it has become one of the largest trading companies in Suriname with multiple branches in Paramaribo. Kirpalani has always paid attention to social needs in the community and through the Kirpalani Suriname Foundation; many donations were given to organizations working for senior citizens, education, disabled people, care and supervision of children, medical care and many other charities. This year the employees of the company received coupons. Kirpalani’s Ltd. is continuing to build the future and last year the construction of Kirpalani Superstore has started. We hope that this donation will be a significant contribution to the project.

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