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Kirpalani’s N.V. celebrates 2016 with strong momentum from last year.  In 2015, our team worked on many innovations, promising initiatives, and proud milestones, including:

  • KirpalaniKom:  We launched a new telecommunications service via the Digicel network.  We are pleased to offer our customers some of the best rates in town.  For example, DSB clients can purchase a special bundle which includes 2 GB of data and 500 minutes for only SRD 720 = with a duration of 24 months or, simply, SRD 30,- per month. See more at:
  • Kirpalani Express:  In August, we created a new service to order goods from abroad.   Through this service, customers can order items from Amazon, Macy's, Walmart and many other suppliers at economical prices.  See more at:
  • Kirpalani Webshop:  View our stock and order at any time at   Our new online shop has a new look and allows customers in Suriname or abroad to make purchases by multiple payment methods such as international credit card or bank transfers.  We are honored to be the only shop in Suriname to offer these diverse payment methods and pass international compliance.  We add products every day!
  • New Official and Authorized Brands:  Since June last year, Kirpalani is the authorized distributor of Panasonic products. We also provide good after sales service for these products.  Furthermore, we introduced the Pensan writing instruments (school supplies), Joby&Cleace (cleaning products), and many more desirable brands!
  • Custom Computers and Parts:  Customers can contact us now for computers assembly and for a wide range of computer accessories.
  • Kirpalani Foundation:   Many social projects were supported through donations. To mention only a few:
    1. Precious specialized medical equipment was donated to the ‘s Lands Hospital and St. VincentiusZiekenhuis.
    2. Kirpalani donated a refrigerator worth SRD 7200 - during the SUAID action;
    3. Coupons, goods and school supplies were donated to organizations for the disabled, schools and orphanages and homes for senior citizens.
    4. Learn more at
  • Superstore:  As an absolute highlight can be considered, the groundbreaking ceremony of our new store "Kirpalani Superstore" at the J.A. Pengelstraat, which will be accessible via both J.A. Pengelstraat as well as Koningstraat. We will offer goodparking ;the opening will take place by the end of 2017.
  • Social Media Growth:  See our latest products, news, and events on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube!  Links can be found on the top left of

 In closing, Kirpalani's N.V. thanks all its customers, partners and employees who have contributed in the year 2015 to the many successes and milestones. In 2016, our firm celebrates its 80th anniversary.  Our team looks forward to continue our innovative spirit, provide you with only the best service, and stay true to our motto. Welcome to Kirpalani’s 2016

Where you will always buy better, cheaper, and get the best!   

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