Prodo Tap Yu Fasi

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Prodo Tap Yu Fasi
Kon bai yu stof, anga aktie fu Kirpalani

We celebrate Maroon Day with you!
Get a 10% DISCOUNT on our entire range in the Textile department.

You can make your own traditional cloths such as angisa, koto, and kamisa with our beautiful pangi fabrics.
Do you already have designs for your evening gowns, skirts, pants, or shirts? If so, we have the fabric for you! 
This is a limited time promotion, so don't delay! Head over to Kirpalani's N.V. today and take advantage of this special offer!

Conditions are as follows:

  • This promotion is only valid when showing the newsletter or newspaper about this promo at the checkout.
    Click on link below to get the newsletter.
  • This promotion is valid in all three stores at the Dominee-, Maagden- and the J.A. Pengelstraat.
  • This promotion is valid from October 8, until October 13, 2019.

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