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"A proof of confidence in the future of this country". Words from Mr. Shyam Kirpalani in connection with the laying of the foundation stone for Kirpalani Superstore on Friday, October 16, 2015. After a planning of more than four years, the construction of the new store of Kirpalani's NV began that day. Kirpalani’s NV opened its doors for the first time almost 83 years ago, on August 21, 1936, on the corner of Maagdenstraat and Jodenbreestraat. That KSS would become an impressive building was immediately noticeable, but already the result is above all expectations and the construction has not finished yet. It is a professionally designed structure that meets international standards and which takes into account issues such as clean air and ventilation, safety and security and a clean environment.

The customers can see Kirpalani Superstore literally rise from the ground in the months that follows. Months of hard labor result in the soft launch of KSS phase 1 on November 2, 2017, whereby a relatively small part of the new building was opened for the public. This relatively small part is immediately an eye catcher and offers the possibility to shop pleasantly. Whoever comes for the first time looks at it with great admiration; customers are full of praise for the innovation they experience. The first phase does not yet have all departments. Three floors are ready, mainly on the Koningstraat side, in which the departments Technical, Sundry, Cosmetic and Household are accommodated.

The work is continued tirelessly afterwards and many are wondering when they may see what will appear behind all that ironwork, walls and walls. After many years of loyal service, the old building of the Rajah clothing factory, which was still home to the once-known “Kirpalani Wanicastraat” until 2017, is being demolished for the further construction of KSS. The patience of everyone is eventually rewarded with the opening of Phase 2 on July 27, 2019. This is a drastic expansion of the retail space and the range. With the opening of phase two it is even easier and more pleasant to shop there. In addition to the aforementioned departments, now Clothing- readymade, Textile have been added.

It is nice to walk with a child-friendly shopping cart through the very wide and well-lit aisles of Kirpalani Superstore. A delightful and well-arranged display gives the customer a good view of the even larger range of goods, while the departments are also clearly marked. No money in your pocket? You can now pin securely and without any worries. There are two ATM machines in the store and it is also easy to pin at our cash registers. Naturally, we constantly work on customer-friendly and service-oriented staff.

Shopping at KSS is especially attractive and easy because there are such ample parking options. Both in the garage on the Koningstraat side and on the two large parking spaces on the J.A. Pengelstraat, the customer can leave his / her car under supervision.
And then ... the big surprise on the second floor: the friendly staff of Tasty Fresh Food and Coffee Bar welcomes you with culinary pleasure from Surinamese soil and elsewhere and of course the best coffee. Nobody should miss this. Read more about the biography of the co-founder Tasty Fresh Food and Coffee Bar.

Kirpalani Superstore is still "under construction" and will have much more to offer in the near future in terms of comfort, good service and great surprises.

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