Kirpalani Foundation donates Stichting Geloof en Nieuw Leven

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On Wednesday, May 31, 2017 The Kirpalani Foundation donated a standing freezer to the Stichting Geloof en Nieuw Leven (Faith and New Life Foundation), which runs a home for care and guidance of drug addicted men at the Kwattaweg.

This donation was necessary, because the current freezer is in a very bad state due to its age. On behalf of the Kirpalani Foundation, the freezer was handed over by Mr. K. Kross, who emphasized in his short speech, that the Kirpalani Foundation wishes to express its appreciation and admiration for the good work that Stichting Geloof en Nieuw Leven does by offering the addicted men a chance to a new life. Mr. Gilbert Groman, Director of the Home, thanked the Kirpalani Foundation for the donation, which is very useful for their organization. 

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