The Kirpalani Foundation Donates USD 500,000 for the Suriname Eye Centre

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Paramaribo, Suriname -On Wednesday, November 14th 2018, the rehabilitation and expansion of the Suriname Eye Centre started at the Academic Hospital in Paramaribo.The aim is to deliver the rehabilitated and extended building at the end of 2019 under the name: 
Kirpalani IAMGOLD Eye Hospital.The donors of this project are the Kirpalani Foundation and IamGold Rosebel Goldmines N.V., while the N.O.B. acts as a financing bank.




In his introduction, Dr. Jerrel Pawiroredjo presented historical and statistical information to show the great importance of this expansion for ophthalmic care in Suriname. On an annual basis, an average of 75,000 people are consulted, while more than 5,200 operations are performed. The current eye centre is suitable for use by five ophthalmologists, but that number has now grown to twelve. Over the next  years, the number of people who need ophthalmic care will further increase.  Mr. Mark Rommy then gave a technical explanation of the construction to be performed.  Hereafter, speeches were given by representatives of the various parties involved, namely: Mrs. Wonny Boedhoe from N.O.B.; Mr. Vijay Kirpalani, director of Kirpalani's N.V. and also representative of the Kirpalani Foundation; Mr. Steve Letwin CEO of IamGold; Mrs. Lindy Liauw Kie Fa  Medical Director of the AZP; and finally, the Minister of Public Health ad interim, Mr. Mike Noersaliem.  All speakers emphasized the importance of the Kirpalani IAMGOLD Eye Hospital for the entire Surinamese society. The speakers also expressed appreciation for the input of various people who have made an enormous effort to realize this project.  The cost of the project amounts to USD 2,500,000. It is expected that the execution of this project will take 15 months.  After completion, the hospital will meet the ever-increasing need for ophthalmic care in our country for at least the next 25 years. As a founding member of this project, the Kirpalani Foundation wants to congratulate the entire Surinamese society with this extraordinary milestone.

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