Kirpalani Stichting donate USD 150.000,- to Suriname Eye Center

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Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP) and the Suriname Kirpalani Foundation Agree to Finance New Recovery Rooms at the Suriname Eye Center. On November 14, 2018, Suriname’s AZP signed an agreement with the contractor “Bouwbedrijf Kiesel N.V.” for the project: Expansion and Rehabilitation of the Suriname Eye Center of the AZP.

This signing was preceded by a cooperation agreement between the AZP, the National Development Bank (NOB), Rosebel Gold Mines N.V, and the Suriname Kirpalani Foundation, to make the financing of the project possible.

During the construction work, it became apparent that it was advisable to add recovery rooms to the scope of the project. The addition of the rooms will create a complete Eye Hospital. The realization of this was initially not possible due to a shortage of financial resources. The total costs for the addition of the recovery rooms are US $ 250,000.

On August 5, 2019, the agreement was signed between the Paramaribo Academic Hospital (AZP) and the Suriname Kirpalani Foundation for the additional US $ 150.000.

By signing this agreement, the Suriname Kirpalani Foundation has made additional resources available in the form of a donation of US $ 150,000. The AZP is responsible for the remaining amount of US $ 100,000.

The Kirpalani Foundation gives substance to its Corporate Social Responsibility.
In total the Kirpalani Foundation donates US $ 650,000 for the success of the Suriname Eye Center project.

"Better health leads to higher production".

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