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We proudly launched on August 10, 2015, our newest service to our customers, Kirpalani Express
This service enables customers to shop online through Kirpalani. These online stores include Macy's,, and many more online stores.Why should you choose for Kirpalani EXPRESS?

Simply because of:

  • It’s easy, affordable and fast!
  • Payment can be made without Credit Card
  • Payment in SRD or US Dollars
  • Payment cash or in installments
  • Assistance with the order through the online shop at the Domineestraat

Ordering can be done in two ways:
1. You send the link of the site with the information about the article to Kirpalani Express and you ask the quote from Kirpalani Express
2. If you are looking for a particular item you can ask Kirpalani Express for online research or come to the Kirpalani Express department, which together with you will search for the desired article. You will then receive a link and a free quote.

Contact information:
Domineestraat 52-56 - 1st floor
Telephone number: 471 400 ext. 234
Mobile: 7696000
email: [email protected]

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