Kirpalani Foundation donates a defibrillator to the 's Lands Hospital.

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On January 15, 2015 the Kirpalani Foundation has donated a defibrillator to the 's Lands Hospital. This device has the function to monitor the heart for irregular rhythms and administer an electric shock to the heart of an unconscious patient causing it to fibrillate again, bringing it into a normal rhythm. "The Kirpalani Foundation has agreed to donate a complete defibrillator. Staff will have to be retrained to work with this device. Bio Medical Systems will provide the training and care of the device.

Cardiologist Nannan Panday said that such a device is important for people who are in the early stages of a heart attack. "We have taken the initiative 13 years ago, to start a coronary care unit in 's Lands Hospital. Concentrating cardiac care on one spot, with specialist nurses and specialized equipment, will improve the survival of cardiac patients

"Co-founder of the Kirpalani Foundation, Baan Stoop, indicates that the Kirpalani Foundation was established 28 years ago and that much has been done especially for children's homes and hospitals. For the foundation, maintenance of the equipment is very important. But he is confident that maintenance will be no problem in ‘s Lands Hospital.

In order to give meaning to one of its key objectives, namely to support social projects and institutions in our country, Kirpalani’s N.V. established the Kirpalani Foundation in 1986. The company is a regular contributor to numerous social institutions. Kirpalani’s N.V. already exists 79 years.

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