Kirpalani Foundation donates cardiodoctography device to Sint Vincentius Hospital

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On August 3rd 2015, The Kirpalani Foundation donated a cardiodoctograpy device (also called CTG device) to the St. Vincentius Hospital. This device measures the heartbeat of the unborn child in the womb. On the basis of the heart rate pattern, information is obtained about the condition of the unborn child. Managing Director Manodj Hindori thanks the Kirpalani Foundation for the gesture. He was glad that especially in these financially difficult times, there are still organizations who are willing to make their contribution to the development of the hospital.

He is convinced that his device will help improve the service at the department that it will help avoid unnecessary infant mortality. CTG devices are especially important during childbirth because possible abnormal heart rates can be detected in time, and the baby can be saved. Mrs. Astrid Joeroeja head of the Delivery Room is happy with the new device. Midwives are well trained in the use of a CTG machine. Due to the increase in the number of deliveries in the SVZ the need for CTG devices increased. The applicable standard of the hospital is to have one CTG device for each birthing. The hospital lacked the finances to purchase the device.

The Kirpalani Foundation reached out with a helping hand and bought a CTG machine worth US $ 3,800 for the hospital. Mr. Kenneth Kross from the Kirpalani Foundation handed over the new CTG machine to the hospital. He said the Kirpalani Foundation receives many requests for financing social projects and investigates where the need is greatest and where possible makes a meaningful contribution. The Foundation recognizes the importance of this device for medical care in Suriname.

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