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KirpalaniKom Student Promo: "Data for less"

KirpalaniKom on the Digicel network:
Promo A12 months KirpalaniKom Data Subscription.
                  For only SRD 32.95 per month = 2 GB Data per month

Promo B: 6 months KirpalaniKom Data subscription.
                  For only SRD 35.95 per month = 2 GB Data per month

KirpalaniKom on Telesur's network:
Promo C: 6 months KirpalaniKom Voice, SMS & Data subscription.
                  For only SRD 49.95 per month = 100 min + 7000 sms + 1GB Data per month

1. Minimum purchase of SRD 100,- on school supplies
2. A valid student ID
3. Age from 16 years

The first 200 students receive a free  KirpalaniKom T-Shirt.

The student promo is valid till September 30, 2017.

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