New Year's Kirpani Mabe Promo

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Participate and Win one of our great Mabe prizes!

The prices are:
Mabe Microwave Oven 0.7 cft.
Mabe Refrigerator 4.0 cft.




What do you need to do?
Place your kitchen story with Mabe and Kirpalani in the "comment." Conclude your story with #KIRPALANI_MABE. Share this post and ask all your friends and family to "like" your comment.
A kitchen story can be: Nice momentum in the kitchen or experiences with Mabe products and Kirpalani.

How will the winner be chosen?
Kirpalani will choose the three (3) comments with the best story.

Conditions for participation:

Possession of the Surinamese nationality
At least 16 years of age and legally competent
The story may contain max. 50 words
No comments from uncivilism
Kirpalani members are excluded

The campaign starts Thursday 11th of January – Thursday 25th of January 2018.
The winners will be announced via Facebook on Friday 26th of January 2018.
Kirpalani will contact the winners to pick up the prizes.

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