Cancellations & Returns

How can I cancel an online order?

You may cancel an online order without penalty prior to the shipping phase. Please contact us immediately to provide us your order number and your personal information. If we already shipped your items and you wish to return all or a portion of your order, please review our refund policy.

How can I return purchased products?

In most cases, you may return purchased items within three days of your receipt with some conditions:

  • You must provide a valid proof of purchase (such as the original Kirpalani’s N.V. receipt);
  • Items must be in their original condition and packaging (items not in their original condition will not be accepted);
    Note: It is your responsibility to ensure with the Kirpalani’s N.V. team that the items received are in good condition at the time of purchase;
  • Items which are damaged after purchase or which are out of warranty cannot be returned or exchanged at any time (Please review our warranty policy carefully at the time of the purchase in-store);
  • Items bought on sale or clearance cannot be returned or exchanged;
  • If exchanged items cost more than the previous items returned, you will need to pay the difference;
  • If exchanged items cost less than the previous items returned, we will reimburse the difference (see refund policy);
    Note: Shipping and/or handling fees may still apply. Further, please understand that with some goods such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines, additional restocking fees may apply.

What happens when I return purchased items?

If you have submitted the original receipt and returned the goods in their original packaging and condition, we will allow you to exchange or replace with any product(s) for the same amount or request to accept a Kirpalani’s N.V. gift voucher for the same amount previously received.

How can I expect my refund?

If paid with: Kirpalani's N.V. will:
Credit card Refund your purchase amount to that same card
Wire transfer Wire the amount back to your account
Cash Reimburse the cash back or put on a gift card
Kirpalani Cards or Credits Refund your purchase amount to that same card

Note: After a refund is accepted by us, it may take a few days before your refund is posted to your account by the payment processor (e.g. bank or credit card company). Please be aware, credit card reimbursement(s) may take up to 10 working days and for local/ international wire transfers it might take up to three working days.

What if something is wrong with an online order?

Please contact us immediately if you have discovered any mistakes or missing items in an online order. Our delivery personnel are well trained and will report any discovered damage or deficiencies immediately. We always urge you to double check the goods in order to minimize any dissatisfaction.

Note: Kirpalani’s N.V. has the right to update or revise this policy at any time and this web page may not yet reflect the latest information. Please always contact us for additional questions or support. This policy was last modified on 23 February 2018.