Kirpalani Parts & Service Center

Does the Ice cream melt in your freezer? Or did your A/C break in the middle of a really hot Suriname night? 
Don’t sweat it!  Kirpalani’s N.V. has a dedicated Parts & Service Center to keep you cool and happy!

In addition to offering the best brands at the lowest prices, Kirpalani’s N.V. is committed to full after sales parts and service support.  We specifically cater to the major appliance brands, models and electronics purchased at any of our three store locations or from our online web shop. Committed to our high standards and support, we are proudly the official and authorized dealers and repair center for the following brands:


In our commitment to your after sales care, we provide fast and reliable services such as:

  • Sending technicians to your home to diagnose and if possible, also immediately repair equipment so that you do not have to transport your heavy equipment to our service department;
  • Installation of appliances such as washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, gas fryers, dishwashers;
  • Technical advice, maintenance and repair of devices to help them function better and longer.

Vision and “Behind the Scenes”

We are committed to provide the highest quality service and have backed up our mission by investing in a dedicated Parts & Service Center that is fully equipped with all the technical facilities, special connections, welding equipment, measuring instruments and professional tools necessary to provide the highest level of service.

Historic Background of Kirpalani’s N.V. Commitment to After-Sales Support

The Kirpalani Parts & Service Center department became a well-established part of the Kirpalani shopping experience from purchase to after-purchase-support.  It began since the 1950’s at our Maagdenstraat location when we also used to have a car showroom filled with well-known car brands such as Austin and Nash Ramber.  Today, it’s grown into its own dedicated location at Koningstraat 14A.

Over the years as Kirpalani's N.V. grew and expanded, we continued to increase our selection of the best-known appliances and electronics including:

Air Conditioners Ovens Refrigerators Washing Machines
Audio Equipment Ranges Televisions Water Dispensers

As our product offerings grew, so did the need for technical advice, professional installation, maintenance and repair services.
Kirpalani Parts & Service Center was created to establish a professional service team with the goal of providing after-sales service support for our customers who purchased their products from Kirpalani's N.V.
We have an enthusiastic team of highly qualified technicians who provide expert knowledge and demonstrate exceptional skills to serve our loyal customers.
Have more questions or feedback? Please contact us! We love to hear from you.

Telephone : (597) 471400 extension 334-336 | 404454 | 404746 | Whatsapp +597 7691227
E-mail address
: [email protected]
Address : Koningstraat 14A, Paramaribo

The opening days and hours are:

Sundays & Holidays
08:00h - 16:00h
08:00h - 17:30h
08:00h - 14:00h