Kirpalani Stichting

The Kirpalani Suriname Stichting was officially founded on February 18th, 1988. However, the idea all started two years earlier with the celebration of the firm’s 50th anniversary.
Our foundation contributes financial and/or material aid to organizations that are involved in social activities such as health care, education, environment, and social welfare.

In 1986, the Kirpalani Suriname Stichting donated a sum of Sfl 500,000, - (Five hundred thousand Suriname florine) to 23 institutions.
Between 1986 and today, the Kirpalani Suriname Stichting has given hundreds of additional donations to different causes. The foundation focuses on the following: children and elderly people's homes; schools and other social institutions; as well as eye care centers.

Some examples include:

  • The Academisch Ziekenhuis (Hospital), Eye Care Center, received a scanning laser polarimeter and 2 complete split lamps to diagnose.
  • The Diakonessenhuis (Hospital) received a financial contribution for the renovation of the roof of the men's department.
  • The Medical Mission: placenta bins.
  • The Nierdyalise Stichting (Foundation for Kidney Dialysis): sphygmomanometers
  • Donations were given to various schools for renovation and expansion, also to organizations that are engaged in foster care and guidance of drug addicts
  • Stichting Bethaljada, a home for kids and young adults with a profound (intellectual) and other multiple disabilities
  • A donation for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti
  • See the full list


In many circumstances, the Kirpalani Suriname Stichting takes an initiative to reach out to various causes. For example, when current events highlight particular problems, the Stichting makes contact to examine how it can offer aid.

The Kirpalani Suriname Stichting also receives many requests for a donation or for support of a project. These are thoroughly studied by the board and then granted or declined, depending on the available funds and purposes for which the donation is requested. If they match the objectives of the stichting, the donation will often be granted. The Kirpalani Suriname Stichting supports projects and activities which are aimed at education, health care, environment and the alleviation of social needs.