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Star Semi Automatic Washing Machine 8.0kg X18G-1

Star Semi Automatic Washing Machine 8.0kg X18G-1
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Warranty Period: 6 Months

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The Star rugged and durable 8.0kg Semi automatic washing machine makes washing your clothes easier than ever. It also dries faster and easier. Brand: Star
Model# X18G-1
Nominal voltage: 127 / 220V
Nominal washing capacity: 8.0 kg
High water capacity: 58 liters
Low water capacity: 37 liters
Nominal frequency: 60Hz / 50Hz
Nominal washing power: 380W
Nominal turn input power: 180W
Waterproof qual ty: IPX4
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Installation costs SRD0.00
Warranty period 6
Add. warranty mos 6
Add. warranty SRD83.80
Brand STAR
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